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With an abysmal job market for minorities. With funding cuts in gifted programs in our schools. With little government funding assistance for minority entrepreneurs. We launch: The Urban Genius Foundation.

What if we focused on Urban Genius and the Urban Entrepreneur?

Our foundation is teaming with the community to promote urban genius and fund innovative ideas that lead to successful entrepreneurship. By raising capital and searching out urban innovation we are preparing to take on the tough challenges: lack of access to capital, those government and private institutions that are [not] funding urban entrepreneurs, and creating a foundation hub that provides business resources that facilitate the entrepreneurial process. We focus on these issues in particular because we believe they present the biggest reasons that prevent minorities from showcasing their urban genius and competing on the global stage of business. Without access to capital, without identifying and nurturing our urban talent, few urbanites work towards becoming entrepreneurs and the amazing innovative solutions we hear about every day at The Urban Genius Foundation rarely gets beyond the boundaries of our communities.

We will learn and grow together as we take on your urban projects and urban genius. We are excited!

Kenneth Coe
The Urban Genius Foundation
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Kenneth Coe
President and CEO


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